Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Different States

Catastrophic injuries that change lives forever happen in seconds. When drivers, property owners, business, and people fail to act responsibly, they can cause serious accidents that result in catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries are the most severe kinds of injuries and result in permanent impairment of a person’s ability to function. Catastrophic injuries can also take

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Four Types of Driver Negligence that Cause Bicycle Accidents

Oftentimes, however, the rideshare driver will be partiality, if not completely, at fault for the crash. In those cases, it is particularly important to retain a law firm—like Slotin Law—with the ability to ensure that the rideshare company did a reasonable job hiring a safe rideshare driver. Most rideshare companies are required to conduct a

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How to Hire the Best Fort Lauderdale Attorney

Trucking crashes can permanently change the lives of those they injure. At Slotin Law, we are ready to pursue the compensation you deserve when you or a loved one are faced with a lifetime of injuries, pain, expenses, and loss due to a trucking crash. Call Slotin Law at (904) 710-9901 soon after the accident for a

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